History of the Company

  • 1945

The Budowa Szybów i Roboty Górnicze enterprise (Shaft Sinking and Mining Works) based in Bytom was established by a governmental commissioner. The enterprise joined Zjednoczenie Przedsiębiorstw Wiertniczo- Górniczych (Drilling and Mining Associated Industrial Enterprises) based in Katowice. This enterprise was established as a result of transformations of the following entities: “Stephan, Frőlich & Klüpfel”, “Szczęść Boże”, “ Kuboszok”, “ Krupp Stahl” and “ Schweinitz”.

  • 1993

The enterprise started the privatisation process.

  • 1995

The enterprise was transformed into a one-person joint stock company of the State Treasury. The company’s staff obtained 15 per cent of share capital, National Investment Funds obtained 60 per cent and the remaining 25 per cent of share capital was kept by the State Treasury.

  • 2004

KOPEX S.A. became a controlling shareholder of the company. It resulted in changes in the organisational structure of the company, aiming at more effective management of the staff and equipment while executing mining works in Poland and abroad.

  • 2008

The previous name: Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Szybów Spółka Akcyjna was changed into KOPEX-Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Szybów Spółka Akcyjna. Fusion of companies KOPEX PBSz SA and PBSz Zakład Usług Górniczych SA was accomplished.


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