6 Hamburg Road, Apex Industrial, Benoni
P.O. Box 6340, Dunswart 1508
Republic of South Africa




telephone: +27 11 746 5800
facsimile: +27 11 421 5880
e-mail: sales@hansen-genwest.co.za





HANSEN AND GENWEST (PTY) LTD is a  SABS approved company for the manufacture, repair and modification of flameproof and non-flameproof electrical switchgear and transformers for the mining industry.

We also supply equipment and services for, Motor Starters, Distribution and Control Boxes, Mobile Sub-stations, Gate End Boxes and Specialized Custom Built Equipment and Projects for the mining industry. HANSEN AND GENWEST (PTY) LTD is a subsidiary of the Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG group of companies, which currently owns 100% of the shares.

Our service is provided from a fully equipped factory, situated at 6 Hamburg Road, Apex Industrial, Benoni South, South Africa. With a floor area of 4200m² equipped with facilities for panel wiring, transformer manufacturing, steel fabrication and machining, and is complete with the associated cranes and comprehensive test equipment.

The staff of the company numbers approximately 50 people including Degree & Diploma Engineers and SABS approved Inspectors, Service Engineers and Tradesmen for flameproof equipment. HANSEN AND GENWEST (PTY) LTD has a strong commitment to R&D and draws on expertise from all companies within the group with respect to its products and with new innovations. All design work is done on the most up to date CAD system.


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