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Shandong TAGAO Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Ningyang Industry Park, Ciyao,
Tai'an City, Shandong Province,
P.R. China




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Shandong TAGAO Mining Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was established by KOPEX SA and Shandong Taishan Jianneng Machinery Group Co. Ltd. in August 2007 in the city of Taian, Shandong province, P.R. China.

Advanced Polish production procedures and technology have been implemented in TAGAO to manufacture high quality hydraulic roof supports for Chinese and overseas coal mines.

TAGAO premises encompass 5 workshops with total space of 36,000 square meters plus assembling base of 8,000 square meters size.

The workshops are equipped with up-to-date machines and devices: CNC cutting machines, CNC boring lathes, CNC irregular shapes chamfering machines, CNC bending machines, high-efficiency PANASONIC welding-grooving devices etc. Welding is performed in protective gases atmosphere and all welding devices are supplied with mixture of welding gases from central gas station.

The range of roof supports manufactured in TAGAO starts from low shields 0.9 to 2.1m till medium high shields of 4.0m height for “top-caving” system. The supporting capacity is 2,800kN to 15,600kN. The shields can be manufactured as 4-legs type for “top-caving” exploitation or 2-legs shields type roof supports.

In 2008 TAGAO manufactured totally 618 sets of hydraulic shields.
In 2009 TAGAO supplied 828 sets of new shields and 238 overhauled.

TAGAO offers not only supplies of newly manufactured roof supports, but also overhauls and repair services of parts of roof supports.

The shields are equipped with hydraulic legs manufactured in world-unique DURACHROM technology granting extra-long anti-corrosive protection.

Shandong TAGAO closely cooperates with Polish partners on designing and technology procedures to meet the highest requirements of the end-users.


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