KOPEX-Sibir (ООО «Копекс-Сибирь»)



KOPEX - Sibir (ООО «Копекс-Сибирь»)

654007 Kemerovo Region, Nowokuznetsk, Russia
Enthusiasts street, 30
Telephone/facsimile: +7 (3843) 99-19-30




KOPEX–Sibir (ООО «Копекс-Сибирь») is a branch of the KOPEX Group, which was established in 2010 in Novokuznetsk in Russia - the capital of Kuzbass coal basin. The main aim of the establishment of the company was to intensify the activities of the Group on the Russian market and to adapt to the needs and expectations of long-term clients in Russia.

Activity of the KOPEX-Sibir company covers:

  • 24/7 services,
  • conducting repairs,
  • supplying customers with parts to machines and equipment,
  • helping with supplying of new machines, equipment and technological systems.

Thanks to the service centre, high qualified staff of specialists and permanent supplementing parts to machines and equipment, the KOPEX-Sibir company can quickly respond to the demand of clients, possible failures and to provide the after-sales service during and after a warranty period.

After-sales service include:

  • conducting the control of the use of equipments during and after a warranty period,
  • failure prediction,
  • conducting the control of the use of machines and equipments in order to provide the full exploitation of the manufacturing capacity according to clients demand,
  • cooperate with specialists from manufacturers (the KOPEX Group’s companies) to improve solutions of the Group.


Companies of the Group:
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