Art of Mininig nr 8(61) - page 6

31st of August, 2011

We will open up of coal seam at „Murcki-Staszic” Coal Mine

On 5 August Kopex-Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Szybów based in Bytom concluded and agreement with Katowicki Holding Węglowy concerning execution of development excavations to 334/2 seam in panel C and preparatory excavations in 334/2 seam in panel C on the horizon of 600 m at „Murcki-Staszic” mine. Value of the agreement amounts to over 37.5 million zlotys. Execution of works requires the use of the KTW-200 roadheader of Wamag. The investment will be made within 24 months from the date of works site hand-over.

The company from Bytom has also concluded an agreement with Jastrzębka Spółka Węglowa, concerning dokumentacji technicznej, development of the technical documentation, supply of materials and execution of works at shaft II of „Budryk” mine. The task is related to the shaft lining repair. Value of the agreement amounts to 2 million 322 thousand zlotys. The works will last 3 months.

Kopex-PBSz is involved in several large projects in the Polish mining industry. In the area of Jastrzębie Zdrój the company constructs shaft 1 Bzie for „Borynia-Zofiówka” mine (Area „Zofiówka”) belonging to Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa. By mid-July of this year 255 meters has been driven there. By the end of the year the next 200 meter will be drove.

Shaft works are also carried out in the mines: „Mysłowice-Wesoła”, „Budryk”, „Pniówek”, „Piast”, „Murcki-Staszic”, „Rydułtowy-Anna” and „Chwałowice”. Large project is carried out for „Bogdanka”, where Kopex-PBSz completes the construction of the second coal tank. In the coming months the company will take up the construction of another such tank.



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